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Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corp (LHIHC) was originally founded as Lien Hwa Flour Company, a flour business based in Nangang by Founder Yuxiu Miao in 1952. The company was renamed to Lien Hwa Industrial Corp (LHIC) in 1955 and later became public in 1976. In September 2019, the company went through a transformation into a holding company and adopted to the current name. The core principles of LHIHC are centered around honesty, modesty, diligence, and prudency. Through international investments, integrations, and incubations, LHIHC focuses its efforts on growing its subsidiaries via building a sustainable, efficient operation.

LHIHC has extended its expertise into multitudes of fields, including but not limited to flour, restaurant supply chain, information system integration, software development, petroleum chemical, industrial gas, freight logistic, and real estate rental.