Major shareholders

The top ten major shareholders of Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corp (Base date: April 30, 2021)
Name Shares held
Number of shares Shareholding ratio(%)
UPC Technology Corp. 124,036,071 9.68
Yih Yuan Investment Corp. 117,170,225 9.14
Yi Feng Investment Co., Ltd. 62,229,136 4.86
Jason Chow 42,532,453 3.32
Matthew Feng-Chiang Miau 40,872,986 3.19
Paul Miao 38,635,044 3.02
Feng-Sheng Miao 38,612,279 3.01
Y.S. Educational Foundation 38,396,139 3.00
Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corporation Employee Welfare Committee 36,083,842 2.82
MiTAC International Corp. 35,750,667 2.79

Investor Relations

Name: Roger Lin
Title: President

Deputy Spokesman
Name: Chris Yen
Title: Chief Financial Officer

TEL:+886-2-2786-1188 ext.1800

Investor Relations
Tiger Chang
TEL:+886-2-2786-1188 ext.1622


Stock Service

CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.
Stock Agency Department

TEL: +886-2-6636-5566