Operator's Statement

Thank you for reading the "2021 ESG Report" released by Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corporation (stock code 1229; hereinafter referred to as "Lien Hwa Holdings") and information and data of the SASB disclosed for the first time. By releasing the 2021 ESG Report, the stakeholders who are concerned about the ESG performance of Lien Hwa Holdings are able to  have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the implementation results on each material sustainability issue. As a leading flour manufacturer in Taiwan, Lien Hwa Industrial has continued to uphold the corporate spirit of "honesty, simplicity, diligence, and prudence" after transforming itself into "Lien Hwa Holdings" in 2019. Alongside its subsidiaries Lien Hwa Milling and Lien Hwa Property Development, Lien Hwa Holdings responds to sustainability issues (including quality safety, good safety, occupational health and safety, and environmental sustainability) in the food industry. By doing this, we hope to bring a positive impact to the sustainable development of the industry. We strive to provide high quality and safe products to our customers. By forming a Sustainability Organization (Sustainable Development Committee), three major sustainability issues were focused on in 2021 namely “food safety, net zero, and social care”. We continued to plan and promote various sustainable practices and have delivered outstanding results including:
  • Food Safety:"Food safety, food assurance, customer satisfaction, and quality first"  is our top priority. We align with the international community andhave introduced various management systems – the highest international standards SQF (food safety quality certification),ISO 22000 (food safety management system), and HACCP (international food safety control system) in the flour mill.We have also passed Clean Label, achieving our commitment to consumers to provide safe products that give them peace of mind.
  • Net Zero:  Despite the fact that the food industry is not a high energy consumption industry, we still take a proactive approach to align with the global net zero target. Our core strategy is managing electricity use and reducing the amount used through energy saving and renewable energy. Internally, we have achieved smart manufacturing as the flour mill continues to promote Industry 4.0 by optimizing production management and reducing energy consumption. Externally, we make efforts to build renewable energy equipment to largely reduce GHG emissions through use of zerocarbon energy.
  • Social Care: We make good use of the Company’s core competencies centering on the concept of “food safety, education, and care”. Through actions of “product donation, volunteer service, community care, and education cultivation”,we integrate Lien Hwa Holdings’ resources to gather the strength of corporate volunteers and suppliers to proactively participate in ororganize a variety of public welfare activities, demonstrating positive social influence.
In order for Lien Hwa Holdings to effectively transform into a low-carbon company, we aligned with international ISO standards for the first time in 2021 by introducing a greenhouse gas management system (ISO 14064-1:2018) for systemic inventories of Scopes 1-5 emissions. We are also planning to attain the SGS-Taiwan certification in 2022, hoping to fully understand the sources of Lien Hwa Holdings’ important carbon emissions through systemic and scientific inventory and certification mechanisms. By doing this, we are able to further examine and analyze the processes or projects with high carbon emissions in the operation, setting a solid foundation for future carbon reduction actions while moving towards the goal of net zero. Aside from being committed to energy saving in operations, factories, and buildings, we also continue to keep safety and health intact in the workplace by following the spirit of ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management. We promote and refine relevant occupational and health action plans to protect the health and safety of our employees. As we are dedicated to building an equal, diverse, and safe workplace, we have set up multiple outlets to listen and respond to the views of employees so that employees are able to give full play to their expertise, sharing the Company’s sustainable management results. 
Looking ahead, the food industry will continue to face ongoing major challenges such as global climate change, geopolitics, and COVID-19. As a responsible enterprise, Lien Hwa Holdings strives to achieve sustainability while centering on uninterrupted operations, responding to the needs of multiple stakeholders, and protecting the rights and interests of shareholders. We will keep up with the UN’s SDGs to exert our core functions that we have accumulated over the years in the industry while at the same time continuing to plan and promoting various sustainability actions. In doing so, we fulfill our commitments to society and work alongside our value chain partners to jointly achieve the goal of sustainable development in the industry.



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