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Core Business – Lien Hwa Milling Corp
  • 聯華製粉食品股份有限公司
    Lien Hwa Milling Corp (LHMC) Lien Hwa Milling Corp (LHMC) is the largest, most established flour business in Taiwan. LHMC holds ISO22000, HACCP, TQF, and HALAL certifications both in and outside of Taiwan. After our relentless pursuit of excellence and breakthroughs, LHMC further received ISO 17025 and SQF Level 3 Diamond certifications in 2018. Our brands such as Blue Jacket, Camel, and Turnip have received critical acclaims throughout the industry, known for their stable, exceptional quality and brand recognition. 
  • 聯華置產股份有限公司
    Lien Hwa Property Development Corp (LHPC) "Lien Hwa Property Development" is a subsidiary company established in 2019 from the real estate & leasing division of "Lien Hwa Industrial Corp", with management and development of company-owned real estates across Taiwan as its core business. A special unit has been established in conjunction to provide professional services to meet customer demands, including real estate leasing, assets enablement and value-added developments.
  • 煙台台華食品
    Yantai Taihwa Food The Yantai Taihwa Food Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 with the establishment of flour mill and wheat processing facilities in Shandong, China.

  • Pizzeria Oggi
    Pizzeria Oggi Pizzeria Oggi was founded in TianMu, Taiwan. Pizzeria stands for Pizza, and Oggi stands for "Today". Our TianMu store received AVPN certification in June of 2011- the first of its kind in Taiwan to receive such honor from the Associazion Verace Pizza Napoletana in Italy.
  •  Jian Mart
    Jian Mart Jian Mart currently operates 27 stores in Taiwan under the firm belief of delivering fresh, natural, organic, pollution-free, green products. We achieve this by carefully selecting only the best and most transparent agents, brands, farms, and manufacturers. Our dedication to customer excellence and transparency is further reinforced by third-party verification processes and by shipping our products farm-to-table.
  • Camel Ring International Company
    Camel Ring International Company Established in 2015. Own 5 private labels including Cepis and G-emperor. Import worldwide product in original packaging. Product range includes seasonal fruit and vege, fresh and frozen meat, additive-free instant food, dried fruit/nuts/grains, cooking oil, juice/brewed beverage, dietary supplement, facial care etc. Wholesale its private label and import products to retail and e-commerce channels.
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