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Lien Hwa Flour Receives SQF Level3 Certification

Lien Hwa Flour Receives SQF Level3 Certification
The Highest Worldwide Quality Assurance - “The Quality Shield”


Following our successful achievement of the ISO 17025 certification in 2018, Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corp proudly announces its receipt of SQF Level 3 certification today – the highest quality assurance worldwide! We are now the only ISO 17025 and SQF (Safe Quality Food) dual-certified flour company in Taiwan.

This achievement is not only an endorsement of our dedication and meticulous attention to food safety, quality, and protection, but also the best assurance for consumer confidence. All flour product bags will henceforth be printed with the blue “SQF Shield” trademark to show our pledge to quality and consistency.

Safe Quality Food (SQF) is a global standard for food safety established by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is the most trusted, thorough, and integrated certification system, covering many aspects of production such as sanitation, safety, and quality. The certification not only scrutinizes the production process, but also takes a very careful look at a product’s quality as well as the overall risk management strategy. SQF is a widely accepted model that is used by almost 75% of all global brands and chain suppliers in developed worlds in Americas, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. It is an accepted certification by many brands such as Walmart, McDonald, 7-11, Costco, and Carrefour. In addition, the trademark is only allowed to be used for the products that have passed SQF Level 3 - the highest level of qualification within the standard.

Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corp has created its quality assurance divisions since 1988 and later expanded into Food Safety Department in 2015. The goal has always been to ensure our products match our highest safety and quality standards. To strengthen this goal and improve self-sufficiency, we further expanded this arm into the Lien Hwa R&D Center to encompass research, assay, QA, and food safety departments. This enabled us to become a certified ISO/IEC 17025 company in 2018, and now SQF Level 3 in June 2019, thereby achieving our mission of becoming an internationally recognized brand known for delivering safe and quality products to our customers.
Hushi Jing, Managing Director of Lien Hwa, expressed his joy of Lien Hwa becoming an internationally recognized, SQF-certified brand

"Flour may be the most basic and humble part of bakery products, but our relentless pursuit of safety and customer satisfaction never let up. We overhauled a tremendous amount of our business throughout the certification process since 2018. Many dozens of documentation improvements, hardware and software upgrades, and employee trainings were carried out during this arduous transformation period. We looked at everything from material sourcing, sanitation control, production processes, to packaging and shipment methodologies. After 16 months of hard work, we finally succeeded in obtaining the SQF Level 3 certification and putting the Quality Shield trademark on our bags. It was not an easy path, but as a company dedicated to innovating and breaking new grounds, the real challenge will always be to continue our push for excellence in the future.”

Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corp is the largest, most established flour business in Taiwan. We hold ISO22000, HACCP, TQF, and HALAL certifications recognized both inside and outside of Taiwan. After our relentless pursuit of excellence and breakthroughs, LHMC further received ISO 17025 and SQF Level 3 Diamond certifications in 2018. Our brands such.